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Good Trouble Makers in partnership with the City of West Hollywood 


Direction and Choreography: Kai Hazelwood in collaboration with the performers 

Performers: Kristy Kennedy & Yvette Flores

Cinematography: Andrea Gonzalez Mereles

Editing and Music: Alexander Millar      



Dear Mom is a visceral and touching movement film inspired by the sometimes painful love of a parent not understanding their queer child. The film begins with the themes of misunderstanding and subjugation, moves to rebellion and conflict, and ends with healing and understanding.



The film contains images of drowning and covers material that could be triggering to those with family abuse trauma and or trauma related to filicide. While potentially emotionally intense, over the course of the event we'll share how trauma can sometimes be healed, and guide participants through a trauma sensitive letter writing practice. Care has gone into making sure that Dear Mom is well modulated and thoughtful, and we encourage all participants to care for themselves with compassionate attention throughout the event and afterwards.   



*bi+/queer refers to all people who experience multi-gender attraction  The definition of bi+/queer  is trans inclusive: Attraction to more than one gender, not attraction to men and women as is commonly believed.  

*We use the terms BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), queer, and bi+ in our community, and recognize they are not problem free or universal. We respect and welcome whatever language feels best to describe your own identity. 


*We define Bi+ as anyone who experiences multi-gender attraction. Our definition is not limited by particular gender expression, or a binary idea of gender.

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