In Progress is an intergenerational network where established and developing artists are equally valued and learn from each other. It provides opportunities for movers, makers, teachers and fans to create locally and connect internationally. Offering a host of low cost or free programs, In Progress is a growing hub in Los Angeles. Come expand your professional capacity and strengthen community ties through community events, performance opportunities, and experimental colabs.


CoLabs are knowledge and skill sharing sessions that are experimental in nature. They prioritize thoughtful use of language and structure, playful risk taking, and challenging ideas of form and technique. CoLabs approach "contemporary" as a collection of tensions and complexities that make up our lives and interests as artists in this particular time rather than a specific technique or modality. They are limited only by the imagination of our community and the expertise of our workshop leaders. Interested in leading a CoLab? Get in touch! All workshop leaders are paid for their time. 


A regular opportunity for artists in any medium to show up to 10 minutes of work in progress in front of an audience, to see what works and what needs work, and develop their audience. Participation is absolutely free, and includes the services of Good Trouble Makers’ technical director to run sound and insure a successful show for all. The show concludes with an informal artist talk so the audience can share their experience and any feedback the artists' request. 


A monthly get-together where Good Trouble Makers' members play and experiment with movement ideas, improvisation, skill sharing, and live music.


Sunday Fundays are free and open to the public by invitation only. Get in touch or say hi at one of our events if you’re interested in coming out to learn stuff, share stuff, & do fun stuff!