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For the last 5 years we have been developing an evolving project that combines storytelling with dance theatre pieces, and advocacy for the rights of the bi+ community. Under the title inVISIBLE, we have created four dance theatre works about bi+ identity, hosted five bi+ community storytelling workshops, and two bi+ storytelling silent discos.


InVISIBLE storytelling events, called pARTies are if The Moth Radio Hour and a Silent Disco had a Bi+ baby. Bring your own headphones and smart phone to listen to the ever growing collection of stories we have recorded at your own pace, while enjoying wine and snacks. Sometimes there are live performances too!

Choreographed and directed by:

Kai Hazelwood


Created in collaboration with the performers:

Kate Coleman, Kristy Kennedy, Molly Yates, Yvette Flores, Emma Julaud, Kat Sauma, and Kai Hazelwood


Composer and Audio Engineer:

Alexander Millar


Special thanks to Theater Dybbuk for storytelling workshop design assistance, Martz Contemporary Dance Company, and Marlaina Riegelsberger for contributing to movement research for this work


Performance History:

Unicorn pARTy 2019, Los Angeles, CA

West Hollywood’s First Bi Pride Celebration pARTy

Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center pARTy

Downtown Dance & Movement Los Angeles, CA

Highways Performance Space Santa Monica, CA


Funded by:

The California Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Individual Donors

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