Sunday Funday

A monthly get-together where Good Trouble Makers' members play and experiment with movement ideas, improvisation, skill sharing, and live music.


Sunday Fundays are free and open to the public by invitation only. Get in touch or say hi at one of our events if you’re interested in coming out to learn stuff, share stuff, & do fun stuff!


Practice Progress

To further develop the work and healing laid out in our mission, meet Practice Progress! Practice Progress offers anti-racist facilitation addressing white supremacy through experiential body-based learning. Practice Progress offerings are led by Kai Hazelwood, our Artistic Director, and Sarah Ashkin of GROUND SERIES. 



CoLabs are knowledge and skill sharing sessions that are experimental in nature. They prioritize thoughtful use of language and structure, playful risk taking, and challenging ideas of form and technique. They are limited only by the imagination of our community and the expertise of our workshop leaders. Interested in leading a CoLab? Get in touch! All workshop leaders are paid for their time.