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Healing Backward Feeling Forward


Healing Backward Feeling Forward is a multimedia dance performance and dinner event by Kai Hazelwood designed for Black healing and white learning. This new piece is choreographed, directed and performed by Kai Hazelwood, informed by her ongoing work in Black and queer communities, cultivating multiracial healing, and educating new generations. 

Shedding: A Playbook


Shedding is personal process, an interpersonal practice, and a guide map to societal and structural justice. Guided by the wisdom of creatures who shed their skin, Shedding: A Playbook by Kai Hazelwood is a collection of musings, personal, and collective practices for liberation.


A snake doesn’t hesitate when it’s time to shed. She doesn’t try to cling to something uncomfortable but familiar, she doesn’t worry what lies on the other side of shedding, who she’ll be, will others recognize her. She simply sheds because her body knows it is time. 

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